Realism (1848–1900)

About the time

The Revolutionary movements in France and America were successful and there was a shift from rich aristocrats having power to the poor masses of people having power. 

The American Civil War happened in the 1860s, when the Southern States wanted to become their own country because they did not want the Federal (central) government to control their states. The Southern states also got all of their money through agriculture (farming) and relied heavily on slave labor to produce crops like cotton and tobacco.  The Northern states wanted to remain a united country to 1) get access to the south's crops for its factories, and 2) have more power when it came to fighting other countries like France for Western territory.   The people who fought in the war also believed they were fighting for their regional culture and a lasting impression about the cause of the war is the issue of the morality of slavery.

In Europe, The Crimean War broke out between Russia and an alliance of France, Britain and countries of Central Europe.  They were fighting for control over central Europe and the Middle East.

The Art

The focus of art turns to the everyday actions and people.  This means that the subject of art is the working class.  The camera is also invented which affects how artists choose to make paintings look more realistic.



Paintings are done in oil on canvas.  There are new ways to make and contain paint, as well as new colors and flat brushes.  Artists also get famous for making prints.



These were famous painters:

Corot (cor-oh)

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Interrupted Reading.




Courbet (cor-bay)




Daumier (do-mee-ay) was a painter and a print maker.

“Third Class"



  This is a print to illustrate the famous book "Don Quixote" by Cervantes, one of the most famous Spanish novel of all time.  Don Quixote is a man who rides around on a horse, calls himself a Knight, talks about prostitutes as Princesses, falls over a lot, fights windmills because he thinks they are giants, and has a friend named Poncho who is fat and follows him around on a donkey.

Challenge: Fix that run-on sentence.


Millet (mi-lay) people in fields. cool fact: millet is actually a type of grain)





Review Test


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