Pop Art (1960s)

About the time

The 1960s were a decade when the young people of America began to experiment with drugs and sexual freedom. 

The Art

"Pop" Art is about the culture of these young people experimenting with new things. 



Artists experiment with printmaking styles like lithograph and screen printing.





"Father of Pop Art" 

Famous for creating prints with modern products “Campbells” and modern celebrities “Marilyn Monroe.”  First self-made celebrity (aka. he made himself famous).  Started using the phrase "15 minutes of fame."


If you want to play around like a real pop art artist click here!!!





dot cartoons.  pointillism with prints.  looks like comic strips.





Review Test


Go to the Review Test Page and click on the Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art Test.  Fill in the answer sheet with the answers and turn it in to Ms. Allekotte for a grade.


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