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What is Art History?

Art History is the study of art at different times in the past.  Some questions Art Historians like to answer are:

  •  Who made the art?
  •  What kind of art did they make?
  •  How did they make the art?
  •  Why did they make the art?

Why do we study it?

Humans have made art for a long time and will continue to make art for a long time to come.  You can learn about the people from the time period because you can connect art to the politics and social structures of the society in which the art was made.  Artists have always been a part of society and, a lot of times, the art can reveal secrets about who was powerful and what was important to the people.

How do you study it?

In this course, art from the past is categorized chronologically (from oldest to most recent) as well as by common characteristics.  Groups of art or artists that are similar to each other are categorized into movements or periods of art.

How does this website work?

Click on the lessons at the top of the page in the order below.  At the end of each lesson there will be directions to go to the next lesson, or go to the Review Test page and take a Review Test.

Order of Lessons

  1. Stone Age/ Prehistory
  2. Mesopotamian Art and Architecture
  3. Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture
  4. Greek Art and Architecture
  5. Byzantine and Islamic Art and Architecture
  6. High Renaissance (Italy) Art
  7. Venetian and Northern Renaissance Art
  8. Mannerism and Baroque Art and Architecture
  9. Neoclassical Art
  10. Romanticism
  11. Realism
  12. Impressionism
  13. Post-Impressionism
  14. Fauvism and Expressionism
  15. Cubism, Futurism, Supremativism, Constructivism, De Stijl
  16. Dada and Surrealism
  17. Abstract Expressionism
  18. Pop Art
  19. Post-modernism and Deconstructivism
  20. Final Project


You can get a review test answer sheet from Ms. Allekotte.  Each test is worth 20 points, and your grade will be the average of your test scores (worth 80%) and your final project (worth 20%).


When you finish all of the lessons, you will get 0.5 credit that will count toward your Fine Arts requirement, or your elective requirements if you've already fulfilled fine arts.  

If you have any questions, please ask Ms. Allekotte.



    Email:  aallekotte@premierhighschool.com


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