Mesopotamia (3500 –539 BCE)


 About the time

The land between the Tigris and Euphrates river was very fertile, which meant that pople could start farming.  With farms, people did not need to move around to follow animals like they did during pre-historic times.  Because this land was so fertile and good for farming, many people wanted access to it.  The Mesopotamians fought to keep their land, and this militaristic culture is apparent in the art.













The Art

The art shows the importance of military power.  It also shows how big and powerful the Mesopotamian empire became.



Tiles were made into mosaics (pieces put together to make a larger picture).

Cunieform, the first form of written language, was carved into stone or clay.





        Standard of Ur is a small box (8.5 x 19.5 inches) made of wood with shell (white), lapis lazuli stone (blue), and red limstone.

  • One side shows images from war, the other shows images from peace and both sides tell a story from top to bottom.
  • All of the figures are seen from the side.

What are some of the things that you see on the art?





         Gate of Ishtar 6th century BCE

  • Was the most important gate into the city of Babylon
  • was built in honor of Ishtar, the Goddess of love and war
  • was used for prosessions and ceremonies
  • all of the figures are seen from the side
  • made of glazed brick and solid cedar wood
  • the figures are above the surface (bas relief)
  File:Ishtar Gate at Berlin Museum.jpg




        Hammurabi’s Code

The Summerians made the first form of writing called Cuneiform, and Hammurabi, their King, wrote 282 laws on a piece of stone.

This is the first known set of written laws and was the first time that men, women, slaves and all others could read the laws.




Go to this website    

 click on “Solve some Problems Hammurabi faced”

Write down the two most interesting problems Hammurabi was faced with, then click on the brown box to see what Hammurabi's solution was







Review Test 1


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