Cubism, Futurism, Supremativism, Constructivism, De Stijl (1905–1920)

About the time

This is the same time period as Fauvism and Expressionism. 

The Art

 These art styles are other reactions to the pre and post World War 1 world. 

Cubism takes realistic objects, takes them apart and makes them into geometric shapes.

Futurism adds movement to this idea by making the shapes a little more rounded.

Supremativism breaks down experiences into color and shape.

De Stijl (shteel)- blocks of color and black lines in geometric patterns.


Oil on Canvas.  Synthetic Cubism uses real objects like rope and pieces of newspaper or sheet music. 






Blue Period

The Blindman's meal



Analytic Cubism period



Mademoiselles d' Avignon prostitutes with African artifacts
The work was made on 1907 in Barcelona. The work shows five nude female prostitutes from a brothel on Avinyo street in Bracelona.

Two are shown with African masks like faces and three more with faces in the Iberian style.

  "Guernica"   This mural (painting on the side of a wall) is about a massacre in the small town of Guernica during the Spanish civil war.


Braque (Brahk)

Synthetic cubism-  used pieces of rope or sheet music  in the art



Leger (Leh-jare) More color.  He experimented with lots of types of art.



Futurism: cubist shapes with movement




Futurist- walking man sculpture.  Bronze. This idea came  from an Italian 20 cent Euro coin.


Boccioni's work centered on the portrayl of movement.

He became the main theorist of the artistic movement






Malevich Supremativism

Russian artist who simplified objects into shapes and colors.  He stopped producing art when he started working for the Russian Government.

Constructivism: creating sculptures that take up space.  Famous person: Tatlin


Black Square


Mondrian De Stijl

Primary colors in blocks with black borders

Mondrian was an important contributer to the Destijl movement.

Between 1905 and 1907 his painting signatures changed from mondriaan to mondrian.

Last pieces: “Broadway Boogie Woogie”




Review Test


Go to the Review Test Page and click on the Cubism Test.  Fill in the answer sheet with the answers and turn it in to Ms. Allekotte for a grade.

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